«Derbent is a project that envisages the future of our towns. We have started with it, <...> because Derbent is the pride of Russia».
Vladimir Vasilyev,
Leader of the Republic of Dagestan
124,000 people
population of Derbent
130 km
Distance to Makhachkala
42 km
from the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan
strategically advantageous geographical location
favorable natural and climatic conditions
the most ancient
town of the Russian Federation
historical settlement of federal importance
UNESCO protected citadel and old town
Identity features of Derbent as a town
Derbent is one of the oldest towns in the world, and the most ancient town of the Russian Federation, situated on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, on the spurs of the Tabasaran mountains of the Greater Caucasus, and standing at the closing point of the narrow beachside terrain known as the “Derbent Passage” or “Caspian Gates”.
The advantageous geographical location of Derbent which stands on the border of Europe and Asia, on the Great Caspian Trade Route, in a strategically important place, predetermined the town’s geostrategic role for many centuries.
Seaside location, favorable natural and climatic resources, important historical and cultural sites, geostrategic role determined the high development potential of the ancient town. At the same time, the town is facing the external and internal challenges it has to respond to, searching for a new development model.
The research has been prepared by experts of the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER in order to determine the optimum development scenario for the town of Derbent, representing the initial stage of comprehensive work aimed at creation of the urban district master plan, including the district development concept, renovation and modernization proposals for its infrastructure and engineering systems through holding an open international professional tender. The following aspects have been analyzed and evaluated in the research:
Socio-economic position
Efficiency of using the territory for town-planning purposes
Infrastructure provision of the town
Resource potential of the Urban District
Sociocultural aspects of the territory development
Prospects of economic development
A vibrant town means a town that is capable to develop in a constantly changing external environment, and adapting to the internal and external challenges, acquiring new quality properties.
Historically-predetermined features of the town of Derbent
5,000 years of history
Advantageous geostrategic position
Territorial sustainability
Self-sufficient social medium
Goal — create a vibrant town
The town’s capacity for transformation from within
Integration into the global financial, material and information flows
System of efficient use, preservation and reproduction of material and immaterial resources
Realization of personality potentials
Towns that have chosen the “vibrant town” development scenario
Open international competition
for the development of a master plan
for Derbent Urban District,
Republic of Dagestan